Choosing A Digital Marketing Partner

Find the right business, freelancer or agency to be your digital marketing partner can be tough. but it’s an important decision. Today we’re looking at some things to consider.

Identifying Your Needs

Firstly, it’s good to make a basic list of both your current and future needs. Perhaps you know you need to have your website revamped. And you’ll think about digital marketing like social media and Google Ads in the future. Or, perhaps you already have a top notch website but just need help with email marketing. When identifying your needs, make two columns. One that includes immediate needs and one that incudes future needs. In the future needs column, include things even if they’re a distant goal.

The reason it’s a good idea to include future needs is that many digital marketing services are closely interrelated. The other reason it’s a good idea is because it allows your provider to account for potential future needs today. Wondering what to include? Here’s some insights into putting together a digital marketing strategy.

Where are they located?

If it’s important to you to be working with someone close by, be sure to check they are where you think they are! It’s increasingly common now for web design companies based in one location to promote their services in another. So even if you’re not working face-to-face, but want to work with a local, check their location. While our web design service is based here in Coffs Harbour, we work with clients right along the east coast. This works for some, but everyone has different needs and preferred ways of working.

Do you feel the communication is clear and effective?

If you’re having trouble communicating around your basic projects needs, it doesn’t bode well for if and when things get more complicated. You should feel understood by your provider. Equally, when it comes to project outlines and quotes, you should feel as though you understand exactly what you are – and aren’t – getting.

Freelancer or Agency?

This will depend on your needs and your internal capabilities and capacity. If you have an inhouse digital team, specialist freelance services could be the perfect choice. Small startups can also benefit from freelance services. Perhaps you’re all over your socials and just need someone to build a simple site.

Freelance services are also great for small businesses that have a clear idea of their own needs. In this instance, you can choose who works on what aspect of your digital marketing. There are a couple of downfalls to this approach. Firstly, you’ll be spending more time coordinating between providers and tasks. Secondly, you risk having gaps or blind spots in your digital strategy. Thirdly, you risk losing consistency in your marketing.

A digitial agency, on the other hand, offers a ‘full service’ experience. Need a website – check. Email marketing – check. Social and PPC – check. A digital agency is definitely a good choice for any business or start up looking to make use of a suite of services. But remember your list of future needs. Even if you’re not looking to make use of all those capabilities today, you might well in the future. And it’s going to be easier to have the agency you worked with to create your website to also delpoy your other campaigns.

The advantages to working with a digital agency don’t stop there. Generally, an agency is better positioned to ensure things like branding and reporting are done effectively.