Social Media For Tradies in 6 Minutes

Social media is made for trade-based services – really. Most of all already spend a fair bit of time on socials. So if you’re running a trade-based business, here’s a few ideas to make your online time more effective for your business. Stick at it and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Tip #1 – Get on Google My Business.

Okay this isn’t strictly social – but it’s so super important it has to go in here. If you’re a tradie and you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing, your likely missing out on phone calls. We’ll cover this in way more detail in a future post, but for now get started with Google My Business.

Tip #2 – Get on Facebook.

If you haven’t created a Facebook page for business, just do it. At it’s absolute most basic, you can link it to your website, which Google likes. But there’s way more ways you can use it that work especially well for tradies.

Tip #3 – Be Authentic

Don’t worry too much about making your posts word perfect or using language that doesn’t come naturally to you. Being your authentic self is much more valuable. As is the actual content you share.

Tip #4 – Get Reviews

Social proof is incredibly powerful. Google and Facebook reviews are some of the strongest endorsements you can have for your business online. Just finished a fantastic job? Happy clients? It’s the perfect time to ask them to leave a review for you. This is a really simply step that can can have a big impact on your social pages – and your bottom line.

If you communicate with your clients by text or email, you can provide a link directly to the page where they leave your review. Get in touch and find out how to make it easier for your clients to leave reviews. We can also include Google and Facebook reviews in your new web design.

Tip #5 – Don’t bother selling (too much) on socials.

Remember, it’s at least called social media, not selling media. Your posts on social media that gain most attention or engagement are likely to be the ones that don’t sell. Instead, use your posts to show people what you do. And don’t feel as though ‘finished product’ shots are the only ones that count. If you’re a builder for example, and the home your working on has just reached an important milestone, share it on Facebook. Something significant happening on site? A couple of good shots give potential clients the opportunity to see you at work.

Tip #6 – keep at it!

So you’ve for your FB page setup and you’re good to go. What’s next? Nothings more underwhelmingly than a social page with no content, or only really old content. It gives the impression that you cant be bothered or have gone out of business. Even if you commit to posting just once a week, make sure you keep at it. That way, new visitors to you site will always see that you’re active. Here’s more ideas on how tradies can win clients on social media.

Interested in finding out how to better manage your socials for business? Get in touch to find out how you can do it better yourself, or have someone look after it all for you.

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