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Email Marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to deliver messages to your audience. From setting up email subscribe forms on your website, to setting up and designing email marketing campaigns, I can help you stay in touch with existing and new audiences and ensure you make the most of this marketing method.

Below are the fundamental steps involved with a successful Email Campaign.

Decide on the most Effective way to Connect with your Audience

Typically, Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Newsletters are a common way to target a market via email. Complemented by occasional Deals, Offers, Surveys etc. However, consistency is key. So, ensure to schedule recurring emails. Overall, map out exactly how you intend on connecting with your audience and stick to it.

Lists & Gaining Trust

Before you even begin building your Contact or Prospect Lists, it’s important to get permission from prospective recipients. When you get permission, you are much more likely to form a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with recipients as they already know and trust you. Not to mention, if you have permission, you’re less likely to end up in their spam folder which is of the utmost importance.

Once you’ve collected a solid group of email addresses, you can group them according to their relevance. You can create as many lists as you need, so that each email you send goes to the most appropriate recipients. For example, you might decide to develop a master list which includes all of the email addresses you have collected. You might decide that your Newsletter is most appropriate for all of your recipients and therefore send it to your master list. However, if you were sending out an offer, you may only want to target your prospective clients in order to entice them, so you might create a ‘Prospective Clients’ list specifically designed to turn prospective clients into new clients.

Ways to Grow Your Mailing Lists
Client Relationships:
Over time you will develop many relationships with clients and stakeholders, the more people to email, the better.
Pop Ups:
Consider adding a simple, non-invasive pop up on your site simply collecting email addresses from visitors who wish to join your mailing list.
If you ever advertise an offer or deal and participants need to fill out a form, make a disclaimer that anyone who enters their email address will be automatically added into your mailing list.
Setting up Your Campaign

Once you’ve developed your overall Email Marketing Plan and a variety of lists, you can begin designing your Campaigns. Most Email Marketing Softwares include a variety of templates specifically designed for different types of emails. It’s important in the beginning of your Email Marketing journey to play around with different design elements and explore the software you’re using. However, this is where the marketing really comes into play and it’s crucial to choose the correct messaging, and be very aware of the correct placement of content, images, videos and links. Therefore, research and examples of other successful email campaigns might act as a useful guide. However, this obviously isn’t everyone’s forte and it’s very tricky to develop a campaign that will appeal to the masses. So, this is where the aid of a Digital Marketing Agency is of genuine value.


Retargeting is an exceptionally useful function when Marketing through email. There are a range of options to choose from when retargeting and each option appeals to a specific situation. Retargeting allows you to schedule specific emails once someone has or has not opened a previous campaign among many other things. Depending on the outcome you are aiming for, you may retarget a specific list in order to further appeal to those who are showing interest or alternatively, to re-entice those who are appearing to lose interest.

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