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Boost search visibility and bottom line results.

Looking for an SEO company in Coffs Harbour? Unlike most SEO companies you’ll find online, we’re based right here on the Coffs Coast. That means you’ll benefit from my national search marketing expertise, along with local knowledge and commitment.  The search marketing landscape has changed a lot in 15 years. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. When you work with me you’re able to draw on 15 years real world experience, along with the very latest approaches and insights. With a local web design business in Coffs Harbour, we’re ideally placed to make sure your website works.

To ensure your campaign receives the attention it deserves, I only work with a small number of SEO clients at any time. If you want to work with a dedicated professional who’s commited to getting you results, we could be the right fit.

Rank for the search phrases that matter.

Working closely with you to understand your products and services – and using advanced keyword research tools and data – I identify the most valuable search phrases for your business. Then, we’ll prepare an actionable, cost-effective search strategy to bring you more of the customers and clients most likely to buy or use your products and services.

SEO Coffs Harbour | Services

A comprehensive SEO strategy covers every aspect of effective search marketing. So whether your wanting to rank nationally, internationally, or right here in Coffs Harbour, my complete SEO strategy has you covered.

Website Audit

Complete website Audit reviewing site architecture, on-page optimisation, errors and opportunities.

Competitor Analysis

A close look at the search environment in your market and the search phrases you wan to rank for, identifying the best opportunities to gain real results.

Keyword Research

In-depth investigation into the best, highest converting search phrases relevant to your business and your customers.

Content Development

Producing high-quality, optimised content that resonates with your audience

Onsite Optimisation

Including improved page speed, image and meta optimsation, site architecture and onsite link profile.

Link Building

Review existing link profile, disavow damaging links, identify new linking opportunities and implement ongoing outreach strategies.

Local Search

Boost visibility in the local markets you service.

Analytics & Reporting

Including improved page speed, image and meta optimsation, site architecture and onsite link profile.

Get Local SEO Coffs Harbour Expertise.

Whether you want to reach more customers through local SEO, or want to take your business, organisation or brand to the world, I craft effective search campaigns to connect you with your audience on the web. Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with small businesses as well as major brands, non-profits and government agencies to help them reach their audience.

Let’s talk Coffs Harbour SEO.

Discover how your Coffs Harbour business can use effective SEO to reach more customers and clients on the web.

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SEO Coffs Harbour. Smart search campaigns for 2021.

While much has changed in search over the last two decades, many of the core principles of effective SEO remain the same. By combining invaluable experience with the very latest search insights and data, I create effective campaigns to optimise spend and maximise ROI.

Looking for an SEO company in Coffs Harbour? What you need to know.

The reality is, if you’re looking for a Coffs Harbour SEO company, there are a couple of things you need to know. Most Coffs Harbour SEO companies are not local. Browsing through the search results – just like you did to find this page – you’ll mostly find local a list of capital city companies looking to capitalise on unsuspecting Coffs Harbour locals. And if they’re trying to pass themselves off as local, what else are they trying to pass off. When you work with me you’re working with a Coffs Coast local, with real expertise and local knowledge.

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SEO Coffs Harbour | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I’m frequently asked about my Coffs Harbour SEO services. Can’t find the answer to your question below? Get in touch and I’ll answer your question.

How long will SEO take to work?

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, it’s important to recognise that SEO is a longer-game strategy. Exactly how long it takes for your website rankings to start paying off depends on range of factors including:

Generally, you should start to see movement in your rankings around 3 months from implementation. It’s also very important to recognise that at least some of your competitors will also be undertaking active optimisation.

With the service I provide, there are no lock-in contracts. But to see real and ongoing results it’s important to commit to a long-term strategy.

One reason that smart digital marketers include search optimisation as part of their marketing mix is that ultimately, conversion rates are generally significantly higher than they are for paid advertising. That is, the chances of someone clicking on your website and becoming a client or customer are often higher with ‘organic’ results than paid results – Google Ads, for example.

I’ve been told I should just run Google Ads.

Google Ads are absolutely an effective way to market your business online. And they have the great advantage that you can immediately grab one of the top positions for your chosen search terms. 

Depending on your chosen search terms, you might also expect to pay anywhere from one to fifteen dollars per click. If you’re conversion rates are high – and the value of a sale makes sense in relation to your cost-per-click, it’s possible to create a very reliable stream of new leads. However, this just isn’t always the case for many businesses.

Additionally, as mentioned above, organic results generally come with a higher “trust factor” and often result in higher conversion rates. Furthermore, good organic search visibility is generally easier, and more cost-effective to maintain, than paid ads.

My clients often use a mix of both paid and organic search marketing. If you’re unsure which approach is likely tow work best for you, get in touch and I can provide some insight and direction.