Using The PageBuilder To Edit Text

1. Login to your website and from the left hand menu, select Pages > All Pages. 2. Mouse over the page you want to edit, and select Page Builder.   3. The Page Builder will launch. You’ll see a page that looks like this. To make things easier, close the right hand menu by clicking […]


How to Add an Image in a WordPress Page or Post

Images are a great way to break up content, add colour and interest to your WordPress Blog or post. Follow the 9 simple steps below to add and image or video to WordPress. 1. In Edit Post find the spot where you want the image to go, and click on it. Then click the Add Media […]


How To Set Up LinkedIn Profile

1. Go to LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com The sign up page will look something like this. Enter your information, including your email and password. If you have a Gmail or other web mail account, use it rather than an @yourwebsite address. Click on Join Now. 2. The next screen will ask what you’re interested in. Don’t […]